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L2Night Interlude - x100

Unique World Conception

Server time: GMT-3
Chronicles: Interlude
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post-27815-0-36795200-1522627866.jpg What is our differential?

We offer a server with the best structure in the market, our differentias: We use official L2OFF archives, low ping for all regions of the world, efficient anti-ddos and anti-bots protection, so that everyone can have the best gameplay. The L2Night have a team committed to performing a personalized and excellent service, completely able to offer the best solutions according to the needs of our community. We are strict about supporting our players, agility and efficiency in bug fixes and all our efforts are to provide them with the best server experience. We are not a PAY2WIN server, here you can buy everything that will be available on NPCs for free, without having to make a donation. We at Staff are ready to welcome you and we hope you have fun in the world of Lineage 2 Night. If you are looking for a server with these differentials, this is the right place! Invite your friends!

Q10338_book_of_hades_0.jpg Rates 

  • 2fai7kw.png EXP/SP: x100
  • etc_adena_i00.png Adena: x100
  • etc_wind_rune_i00.png Seal Stone: x5

br_cash_blessed_cry_of_ench_wp_b_i00.png Enchants

  • sfnPVJj.jpg Safe: +4
  • aeOOM0X.jpg Max Weapon: +16 | Max Armor/Jewels: +12
  • etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_am_s_i05.png Blessed Enchant Rate Armor 5-9: 50%, 10-12: 25%
  • Etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_wp_s_i05_0.jpg Blessed Enchant Rate Weapon 5-12: 50%, 13-16: 25%
  • etc_charm_of_courage_i02.png Enchant Rate: 50%

Transform_Divine_Rogue.jpg Gameplay

w16h161386955448starempty7.png Base Info
  • SkF6lnm.jpg Server Platform: PTS Files
  • logo-32.png No Custom Server [Farm]
  • skill0534.png Auto Learning Skills
  • skill0150.png Automatic loot for Monters
  • 9CDXSll.jpg Manual loot for Raid Bosses & Epic Bosses
  • skill1056.png Cancel removes 1-5 Buffs Randomly (Buffs returns after 10 seconds)
  • skill1111.png Professions: 2nd and 3rd profession change for Adena on Class Master NPC

Skill1526_0.jpg Buffers

post-27815-0-03765100-1530365393.png post-28593-0-55191200-1529934559.png post-27815-0-25508900-1530365395.png post-27815-0-85311300-1530365603.png post-27815-0-84169300-1530365605.png 

  • OCQOYqb.pngBuff Protect Skill (Protect Against Buffs)
  • skill1405.png Buff Slots: 20 + 4 (Divine Inspiration Free)
  • skill1164.png NPC Full Buffs
  • iwZZviz.jpg Scheme Macro Buffs
  • skill0000.png Buff Time: 2 Hours

Skill1323_0.jpg Sub Class & Nobless

  • etc_badge_gold_i00.png Sub Class: 100.000,000 [Adena] and killing a raid boss Shilen's Messenger Cabrio
  • accessory_noblesse_tiara_i00.png Nobless: Adenas and killing a raid boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel

Accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00_0.jpg Epic & Raid Bosses Respawns and more

w16h161386955448starempty7.png All Bosss listed are Level 80 and have Chaotic Zone

  • accessory_ring_of_core_i00.png Core: 24 Hours (Random - 30min +30min)
  • accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00.png Orfen: 24 Hours (Random - 30min +30min)
  • accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.png Queen Ant: 24 Hours (Random - 30min +30min)
  • accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.png Zaken: 48 Hours (Random - 30min +30min)
  • accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00.png Frintezza: 72 Hours (Random - 30min +30min)
  • accessory_ring_of_baium_i00.png Baium: 96 Hours (Random - 30min +30min)
  • accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00.png Antharas: 120 Hours (Random - 30min +30min)
  • accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00.png Valakas: 120 Hours (Random - 30min +30min)
  • weapon_sprites_staff_i00.png Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 3 Hours
  • etc_badge_gold_i00.png Shilen's Messenger Cabrio: 3 Hours
  • etc_barka_badge_officer_i02.png Hekaton | Tayr | Brakki: 3 Hours
  • etc_ketra_badge_officer_i02.png Shaddit | Mos | Horus: 3 Hours

skillraid_0.png All Others Raidbosses: Retail

post-28593-0-38472900-1530001633.png  Farm Areas

  • Ketra Orc Outpost


  • Varka Silenos


  • Beast Farm


etc_bloodpledge_point_i00.png Olympiads & Sieges

Item_6842.jpg Olmypiads

  • etc_nobless_teleport_coupon_i00.png Olympiad Start: September, 13
  • etc_trophy_i01.png Olympiad Cycle: 7 Days
  • skill5239.png Fights every day from 15:00 at 20:00 Hours [GMT-3]
  • etc_scroll_of_enchant_shirt_i01.png No Limit Enchant

Item_6841.jpg Sieges

  • Skill_247.jpg The first Siege will be announced soon
  • skill0013.png  We will have real money prizes for all sieges

skill0391.png Clans/Alliance's & Clan Halls

  • favicon.pngIt is not allowed to create a support clan, or to join another alliance in PVP, worthy of punishment
  • etc_broken_crystal_red_i00.png Clan Level Max 8 (Max 30 Members)
  • etc_paper_white_i00.png Maximum Clan by Alliance: 1
  • Item_1829.jpg Minimum bet has been increased by x10
  • etc_scroll_of_return_agit_i01.png Clan Hall rent has been increased by x25

Skill_13517.jpg Augmentation System

Skill Gain possibilites depending on Life Stone

  • etc_mineral_rare_i02.png High-Grade Life Stone: 10%
  • etc_mineral_unique_i03.png Top-Grade Life Stone: 10%

All Tyrannosaurus Respawn 5 minutes with drop chance 25% Top/High Grade Life Stone