600 Dollars for Clans

Are you ready for many battles already?


600 Dollars for Clans

We present to your attention the traditional promotion for clans with a prize fund of 600 dollars! In addition to respect, the winners will be generously awarded materially. The task for everyone who is eager for victory is simple - to fight every day, getting rid of competitors, and in the end to prove that you have no equal! we will not fall face down in the mud inviting purchased clans and paying them a salary behind the backs of the players.

Rewars for strongest:
1° Place - 300 Dollars
2° Place - 200 Dollars
3° Place - 100 Dollars

Winners will be determined by the number of points collected at the time of the end of the action.
We hope common players will appreciate our idea and desire? and will begin to form their own clan communities.


Points for epic bosses:

  • Orfen - 25 points
  • Core - 25 points
  • Ant queen - 100 points
  • Zaken - 150 points
  • Frintezza - 150 points
  • Baium - 300 points
  • Antharas - 400 points
  • Valakas - 600 points

Points for heroism:

  • 1 hero - 50 points (at the time of issuing heroism, the character must be in the clan, otherwise the points will not be awarded; the points will not be recalculated)

Points for castles:

  • Gludio - 25 points
  • Giran - 50 points
  • Goddard - 150 points
  • Aden - 200 points

For the rest of the castles are not awarded!


1. The term of the action is from September 2 (the first spawn AQ) to September 16 inclusive. Exactly 2 weeks spawn epic bosses.
2. The maximum number of players in a clan is 30 players.
3. Day summing up and payments - September 17.
4. Command to get information about clan rankings: .topclans


1. Forbidden interaction with other clans. Clans that will play together (do not beat each other, farm together RB and e.t.c) will be reset to zero points.
2. It is forbidden to earn points for twin clans (punishment: zeroing points on all clans).
3. Present on the main Epic bosses with a minimum composition of 15 people (equals to absence on event, punishment: taking points for an event). *
4. Clans that do not participate in the promotion from the first day of the server are automatically removed from participation. In other words, if you participate in the last days you will not receive a reward.
5. The clan must attend 60% of the main Epic bosses during the event (8 of 14 days). *
6. A clan that does not participate in the server for more than 2 days is removed from the promotion (on the 3rd day).

The main epic bosses are: Valakas, Baium, Antharas